How to create product bundles in Shopify?


When we were thinking of the author of this article, we realized that this article has been written by about 6000 merchants! We tried to collect all the questions around Fast Bundle and product bundling in Shopify based on the questions coming through our support team. We hope you find the answer to your questions here. This article will be updated week by week, if not day by day.

Different types of bundles


When you want to offer a discount on a group of products and you want to force the customer to buy all of the items in the bundle to get the discount, you should create a Bundle (simple bundle or standard bundle).

There are three products in a bundle: A ($5), B ($15), and C ($30). The discount is 20%. If the customer buys all of the bundle, they will be charged $40 instead of $50.

  1. Click on the green Create bundle button in the Home tab
  2. Choose Bundle
  3. Select the products that you want to bundle together and specify the number of each item
  4. Select the discount type and specify the amount of the discount
  5. Specify where do you want to show the bundle

Volume discount

If you want to motivate your customers to buy more from a single product, this is the right choice for you. You can offer different options of discount based on the quantity of the item.
You can create a volume discount offer with different options (rules) for all of the products in your shop with Fast Bundle. At the beginning of creating a volume discount bundle, you can choose the All products choice. Then specify the rules or conditions. The bundle widget will appear on the product page of all your products.
The Volume discount has an option that applies the discount to greater quantities of a product. You should check the option “Allow this discount to be applied to more items than the required numbers”. In the following screenshot you can see that if a customer buys more than 2 numbers of the product, they will get a 10% discount on all of them.

Product Mix and Match

It’s a type of bundle that allows customers to select/deselect some of the items in the bundle. Compared to the simple classic bundle, you don’t forced them to buy all of the items to get the discount.
You can create a Product Mix & Match bundle with Fast Bundle and set one or more products in the bundle as required (essential) items and leave the other items optional.
The Product Mix & Match has an option called the “Required products” that allows you to set a minimum limit of items that must be purchased to get the discount of the bundle.
With the Product Mix and Match feature in Fast Bundle, you can define several discount options for a single bundle based on the number of items they want to buy from that bundle. The Volume discount allows you to define options on a single product, but the Product Mix and Match bundle allows you to create these rules for any combination of products.

Collection Mix and Match and the Bundle builder

One of Fast Bundle’s features is the Collection Mix and Match bundle which allows your customers to pick a certain number of products from one or more specific collections and get the discount. Every Collection Mix and Match bundle is mapped to an independent page called the Bundle Builder. There, they can build their own bundle from the specified collections.
When they create a Collection Mix and Match with Fast Bundle, a Bundle Builder page will be created specifically for that Collection Mix and Match where customers can pick the products they want and get the related discount.
There are two main paths: (1) the Collection Mix and Match widget which is displayed on the product page of each product of a collection and (2) the direct URL of the Bundle Builder. The second approach is more professional. Since each bundle builder has its own URL, it can be considered as an independent landing page and drive traffic to it via different channels like email marketing, the navigation bar of the shop, etc.

Frequently Bought Together

Fast Bundle has a feature named exactly “Frequently Bought Together” which is a copy of the famous frequently bought together feature in Amazon. When you activate it, the app will add a ribbon at the bottom of the page of your products, recommending the products that were frequently bought with the main product.
The bundling app Fast Bundle has a feature called the Frequently bought together that has an automatic option which creates meaningful bundles for all of your products and displays them at the bottom of every product page in your shop.

Buy X Get Y (free gift)

The Buy X get Y bundle in Fast Bundle is exactly designed to satisfy this type of bundle. If customers buy X item(s), they will be eligible to get a specific discount on Y item(s).
The Buy X Get Y bundle has a discount option called “Free gift” which allows you to offer gifts to customers who buy item(s) X.

Bundle as product (BAP) - Combo Products

When it comes to creating product bundles, one of the best ways to present the bundles is to display them as a whole product. The conversion of this type of bundle presentation is much higher than bundle widgets in the product pages.

Fast Bundle has a display option called the Bundle as Product which allows you to create bundles that have their own independent product page. The combo will have its own image and all the items in the bundle will be presented on that product page. It’s the best feature to present kits, sets, and other types of combo products.

In Fast Bundle, you can activate the BAP option for two types of bundles: Simple Bundles, Product Mix & Match. More bundles are queued to be developed.
Fast Bundle gives merchants two options: (1) Multi BAP and (2) Single BAP. When a BAP is Multi, all the items of the bundle will be added to the cart in different separate lines. When it’s set to be single, the combo will be added in only one line. The point is that both modes are mapped to the inventory and will update the items’ quantities.